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Online Resources Under Copyright in the USA

American Passages Online Materials

Heath Anthology Online Instructor's Guide Online Materials

Outline of American Literature by Kathryn VanSpanckeren (from the United States Information Agency)

Dr. Donna Campbell sites: Timeline, Authors, Literary Movements Online Materials

Dr. Paul Reuben's Perspectives in American Literature Online Materials

Early Americas Digital Archive Online Primary Texts

Digital Commons: Electronic Texts in American Studies

Classic Studies in American Literature by D. H. Lawrence Hypertext (1923)

Parrington's Main Currents in American Thought (1927)
Volume 1: The Colonial Mind
Volume 2: The Romantic Revolution in America
Volume 3: The Beginnings of Critical Realism in America

The Story of American Literature by Ludwig Lewisohn (1932)

A Comprehensive Anthology Of American Poetry, edited by Conrad Aiken (1944)

Made in America: The Arts in Modern Civilization by John A. Kouwenhoven Hypertext (1948)

Henry Nash Smith's The Virgin Land Hypertext (1950)

The Oxford Book Of American Verse, edited by F.O. Matthiessen (1950)

The Achievement Of American Criticism, edited by Clarence Arthur Brown (1954)

A Concise Survey Of American Literature by Alan Wykes (1955) - British viewpoints

R.W.B. Lewis' American Adam (1955)

Robert E. Spiller's The Cycle of American Literature (1955)

The Development Of American Literary Criticism by Clark, Fogle, Falk, Raleigh, and Holman (1955)

Online Resources in the Public Domain in the USA

Lectures on American literature: with remarks on some passages of American history, by Samuel L. Knapp (1829)

Initial Studies in American Letters, by Henry A. Beers (1891)

A General Survey of American Literature, by Mary Fisher (1899)

The Cambridge History of American Literature, by William Trent et al (1917)

A Short History of American Literature, by Walter Bronson (1919)

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