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Transcendental Theory and Practice, An American Romanticism

Unit Five Overview

Resources for Lecture Building and Extended Study - Copyrighted Materials

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Author Biographies

Ralph Waldo Emerson [American Passages][Norton Anthology][Prentice Hall Anthology][Heath Anthology]

Henry David Thoreau [Norton Anthology][Prentice Hall Anthology][Heath Anthology]

Margaret Fuller [American Passages][Norton Anthology]

Unit Background, Secondary Sources

Perspectives in American Literature, Chapter 4: American Transcendentalism: A Brief Introduction by Paul P. Reuben

American Transcendentalism by Donna Campbell

Concord Massachusetts 1810 - 1890 [Chronology] by Donna Campbell

Margaret Fuller, Woodlief's Transcendentalism Web

Study Questions for Emerson's "Self Reliance" by Anne Woodlief

Norton Anthology, 8th ed.: 1820-1865

The Romantic Period: Essayists and Poets by Kathryn VanSpanckeren

Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Margaret Fuller

Primary Sources

The Web of American Transcendentalism by Anne Woodlief


American Passages, Unit 4: Spirit of Nationalism

Popular Media to Accompany/Introduce Lesson

For Thoreau's Walden: lyrics to Lennon, John. "Watching the Wheels." Double Fantasy. Audio Recording. 1981.

Electronic Resources in the Public Domain in the USA

Project Gutenberg: Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Project Gutenberg: Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Project Gutenberg: Woman in the Nineteenth Century by Margaret Fuller

Project Gutenberg: Life Without and Life Within by Margaret Fuller

Project Gutenberg: Summer on the Lakes in 1843 by Margaret Fuller




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